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Spring Item No. 1 – Kimono by JUNAROSE

When fashion bloggers (including me) was invited to the JUNAROSE headquartes to be presented to the Sping 2015 collection, this Woven Kimono was one of the key pieces of the collection – and one of the favorites among the bloggers :) And now you can get it online!

Again, floral prints are on trend right now, but that’s not a surprise since the season has changed. But you know how much I love colors and flowers, so of course I had to get this piece in my wardrobe!

Since the kimono has a longer lenght, I paired it with a dress in the same lenght as to get a kind of symmetry in the complete look. I really love how the blue color stands out in the fabric as a contrast to light pink, so I chose my blue dress on purpose – as to enhance the blue. Overall, I think this kimono is wonderful! So soft and stylish and it goes well with many outfits!

As to size, it is always a bit tricky with kimonos. I’m actually only wearing a size 44, but it fits well due to the oversize and light-weight effect.