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Curves At The Golden Globes!

So the Golden Globes happened Sunday night. And boy, do I have some movies to catch up to before the Oscars! But also, some fierce curvy women entered the red carpet last night with some spectacular gowns. There have been some very different opinions on their choice of dress – read my personal view below.

Melissa McCarthy

Oh, I am really in doubt about this one. Cause I really like her being bold wearing this menswear look, but I would also call it quite interesting – as Huffington Post puts it.

I really love the ruffles on the lower part as it hides the tummy and the glitter in the bow is excellent. But I don’t like the bow itself. I think it’s a bit too much at the top. I would have love to seen the dress with a v-neckline – maybe even with the glitter material at the border of that neckline. Or just plain, simple white, but then with some big, bold glitter earrings! Those would also fit her hairstyle being up in a bun.

Lena Dunham

Well, I do love red. Can’t argue with that :-) But I think her dress is too boring for an award show. Too classic. I know, many probably don’t agree with me, but I love the big events! It’s all about glitter and glam! I want big dresses! With stones and sequins! Extravagance! Lena do get some points for the bottom of the dress, the cut is excellent – it just reveals her beautiful ankels. But something not so flattering happens with the fabric across the tummy area, that’s unfortunate. Shiny fabric needs to stay put!

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So which dresses would look good on a curvy body? See my favorites below!