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Carite Sport – Fits Individual Sizes and Shapes!

Everyone deserves to look good and feel good. Therefore our best styles are made up to size 50. No specific collection from Carite is made in large sizes. When offering the same style in both size 36 as well as size 50, all styles are constructed to fit individual sizes and shapes.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his quote says it all. I personally feel great and confident when wearing this excellent sportswear kindly gifted to me for review by the lovely people of Carite Sport.

Carite Sport is a Danish brand and has been around since 1934 (!). To this day, the brand is still delivering high standards in design, quality and functionality – even for us curvy women! Yes, I know that I weigh more than average, but I love my curves! But I also keep them healthy by working out.

Although, I was a bit sceptic when seeing the clothes in only sizes 44-46, but it fits! Especially the pants are a bit too tight, but then again – they hold everything into place and are of very thick and of good quality, so I guess the size does fit me the best way possible :) They are both comfortable and very good for working out in the gym!

The running jacket is new to me, but I actually think it’s a great sportswear item. Summer is coming and I have a beautiful lake near by, so why try that running-outside trend? :) Haha…. Well, running on the machines in the gym works as well.

The tee is quite normal compared to other sportswear tees, although it is made of a great, thin fabric that makes your body breathe. Personally, I would love some longer sleeves as I don’t want to show off my arms, but the running jacket did the job for me this time.

Fun fact about Carite Sport!
The Carite logo is new with a feminine touch :) It is designed to appeal to the women in the brand’s target group. They have called the new logo “Curl”. As stated on Carite Sport’s Facebook page, “Curl symbolises dynamics, movement and quality. The logo is embracing, soft and strong and emphasises the core values that permeate the way Carite develops and designs sportswear.” To me, it’s just emphasizing the curves of a women :) I like!

Carite Sports has put more focus on women’s “State of Mind”. The different collections are grouped into the following three mindsets: Performance, Mind and Shape.

For the goal-orientated female athlete who requires self-discipline, success and freedom. Focus on distance, performance, time and calorie consumption. The sportswear must be functional and give a feeling of efficiency.



For women seeking inner strength and calm. Focus on stability, endurance and harmony. The sportswear must be comfortable and follow the movements of the body.



For women who seek the perfect shape. Focus on the body and muscles. Shape women want to be seen and frequently participate in group workouts.



Carite Sport - Miss Cherry Lipz
Apple Valley Tights (Shape Collection, size 44)
Alpha Tee (Mind Collection, size 44)
Run Reflex Airbreaker Jacket (Running Women Collection, size 46)

Carite Sport - Miss Cherry Lipz

Carite Sport - Miss Cherry Lipz