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Back with stripes and prints!

YUP, I’m alive! And back with an OOTD!

This time, I was asked to review some clothing for a big Danish department store chain called Bilka. To be honest, I never shop in Bilka, but mostly because I don’t have a store near by! But also because I am a sucker for online shopping – I love spending hours (!) browsing through the many different e-shops and collections to find just to right dress. And there have been some discussions about the collections that Bilka offers – whether it to be likeable or not.

One of my favorite dresses in my closet is one with all-over sequins – bought in Bilka a few years ago :) So yes, Bilka does sell some excellent fashion pieces. Although the styles I received for this review are mainly for everyday use.

Bilka follows the trends with animal print, sailor stripes and bold prints – as you can spot on me below. And yes, I am wearing stripes. Of course, I chose the pink version (!) and mixed it up with the black to get a clear contrast. Subtle, but stylish I think.

The other outfit was actually quite a challenge to me, because I usually don’t wear tops/dresses with an image on! So I went plain and relaxed. All though I don’t think those leopard leggings is so good on me… ehe…

All styles are available in Bilka right now together with other great styles and colors. All styles are available in size 46-52 (UK18-24, US16-22).


Top: Bilka // Jacket: JUNAROSE // Jeans: Zizzi // Shoes: Mentor
T-shirt: BIlka // Leggins: Bilka // Cardigan: Zizzi // Top: Zizzi