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A Classic British Beauty: Gemma Arterton

There’s no denying Gemma Arterton is a natural beauty so it comes as no surprise to hear LOVE magazine have signed up the Brit actress to star in a beauty series called ‘Being Betty’. Makeup guru Lisa Eldridge has collaborated with editor-in-chief Katie Grand to create the videos in which Gemma plays three different characters all named Betty – Betty Page, Betty Blue and Betty Ford.

I had no idea if Gemma would like my concept but if you don’t ask you don’t get, so I gave it a go!’ says Lisa of the shoot. 

Luckily for Lisa – and us! – Gemma loved the idea and the results are suitably sumptuous. The star simpers around to the sounds of ‘I Want Candy’ dressed up in a sparkling red body suit before switching into a black ruffled corset teamed with fishnet tight.
On the beauty front, she’s sporting a jet black wig with a blunt fringe, gorgeously fluttering eyelashes and a bold red lip that stands out against her porcelain skin. She makes the perfect retro beauty icon and certainly gives Dita Von Teese a run for her burlesque money.
Lisa tells us that this is her favourite ‘Betty’ look. ‘From a make-up perspective, I love how iconic Betty Page looks and how Gemma embodies this. Although I do also love Betty Ford too, she’s so effortlessly chic.’ So what’s her top tip for emulating that iconic eye flick? ‘Try using a gel liner as it’s easier to control, you can also try using a pencil first and go over the line using the gel.’
‘Gemma for me is a classic British beauty,’ continues Lisa. ‘A great beauty with a gorgeously naughty streak, she has so much natural charm – girls adore her and men fancy the pants off her.’ And she’s not wrong. See Gemma in action below…
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